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1000′s Of Tattoo Designs Available To Pick From Don’t Be In A Hurry – Choose From Home!

October 14th, 2022

Are you looking for the PERFECT piece of BodyART? Your search is over! Take a look at the large selection of designs they offer right at your fingertips!! Browse over the designs and decide what best fits your personality, needs and/or wants without leaving the comfort of your own home! Be the envy of all your friends with a new Tattoo!!

Tired of being rushed to pick out a tattoo design before your turn comes up at the tattoo parlor? Tired of making hasty decisions…then, walk away unsatisfied with what you’ve chosen or just plain walk away without the tattoo? Knowing you have to live with your bad choice for the rest of your life or pay to have it removed or covered up… wouldn’t you prefer to pick out your own design, in the comfort of your own home, then take it to your favorite artist to apply it? Personally, I would like to pick the one I truly WANTED and be completely satisfied with my decision. It’s sometimes fun and exciting to be spontaneous but when it comes to ART on your body it’s time to be picky and choosy… remember, it’s permanent! Don’t pick on a whim, be educated and precise in your wants and needs. Let your personality shine through and pick something that means something to you! Pick more than one and have your artist intertwine them. Have children? Get their names and birth dates in the FONT that you choose.

Mix and match them, make them all the same or make them just as unique as each child is. Remember, it’s your body and it’s your choice but it’s permanent and you have to be happy with the design you choose. No one can tell you your likes and dislikes and you have every right to make your own choices. Take your time and make sure you get what you really want! Remember, not only you but your loved ones will share in the viewing of this ART so make sure it’s something that you and your loved ones won’t mind looking at on a daily basis. Also, a warning…tattoos are addictive and once you have one…you’re sure to want more! There isn’t anythin